Your Business Partner That Care

Ascent Care Sdn. Bhd. is a leading disposable products exporter from Malaysia that aspired to provide the best products and services to its customers. With our vast experience in the medical disposable industry, we understand our customers’ frustration for not able to find a reliable supplier that provide products with consistent quality at competitive price. it is our aim to assist our customers to overcome this problem. High efficiency with no frills has enabled us to keep our cost low. We are willing to share these cost benefits with our customers. We are always looking to form a long term partnership with our customers and growing with them. We listen to our customers need and trying to improve our products to suit their need.

Our new focus is to provide solution instead of just hard selling of products. realizing the disposable market has become a “RED SEA” due to its competitiveness, we are keen to work hand in hand with our customers to identify the potential “BLUE SEA” in the market. For example, we are encouraging customers to considers smaller retail pack instead of the normal 100 pieces box pack for gloves. This little twist might help to tap into general consumer market which might be less price sensitive. We are open to ideas and ready to work with customers to explore more possibilities.

Let’s us hear from you in order to start an exciting journey together.