Ultrasound probes are made of natural rubber latex. It aids as protection cover in avoiding contamination of ultrasonic probes by bodily fluids to facilitate cleaning and sanitization of the probes.


Extra thin w/narrow top end with water stand-off feature. This cover is specifically designed for the Acuson rectal transducer family, but will fit other intracavity transducers as well.

Length (mm) = 285 +- 2
Wall Thickness (mm) = 0.20 +-0.08
Drip Thickness (mm) = 0.30 +-0.05


Designed for transrectal transducers with smaller diameter and shorter shafts. Perfect when a snug fit over the transducer face is preferred.

Length (mm) = 200 +- 10
Wall Thickness (mm) = 0.18 +-0.07
Drip Thickness (mm) = 0.29 max


Ideal for larger transrectal transducers with longer shaft where a snug fit over the transducers face is preferred. Will also fit most intravaginal transducers.

Length (mm) = 300 +-10
Wall Thickness (mm) = 0.18 +-0.07
Drip Thickness (mm) = 0.29 max


This cover is designed for intra vaginal transducers application where protection of the entire transducer, including the handle is preferred.

Length (mm) = 290+-10
Wall Thickness (mm) = 0.18 +-0.07
Drip Thickness (mm) = 0.29 max


A cover design for larger intravaginal transducers, as well as for rectal scanning application when the entire transducer needs to be protected.

Length (mm) = 295 +-10
Wall Thickness (mm) = 0.18 +-0.07
Drip Thickness (mm) = 0.29 max


This ultra thin cover is designed for regular rectal and virginal scanning as well as for water stand-off application when this cover will serve as the outer cover. The size is similar to regular contraceptives.

Also known as condom without teats.

Length (mm) = 195+-4
Wall Thickness (mm) = 0.10+-0.05
Drip Thickness = 0.17 max

Bulk Pack 50 pieces packed in a polybag, 50 polybags per export carton.
Fully Pack
1’s individual packed and hermetically seal in aluminium foil, 72 pieces per dispenser box, 40 boxes per export carton.